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5 Reasons You Don't Have OF Subscribers | Adult Dynasty

5 Reasons Why You Are Not Getting Subscribers On OnlyFans

no of subs

You thought that you will create an OF account, then post a couple of pictures and videos on Instagram, 10 pictures on OF page, and boom you are a star and a millionaire. Now you have started, did just that but nothing happens.. No one buys your content, you are not getting subscribers on OnlyFans.. What is going on?

Doing OnlyFans is not easy, in fact, 80% of creators who start with OF fail, because they understand that it’s too much work + they have no idea what are they doing.

OK, I’m gonna tell you exactly what you need to know to fix that. My name is Eddy and I own an OnlyFans management agency where we take you by the hand show you or do everything for you just so you could earn more!

If you are a new here and don’t have an OnlyFans yet, I suggest you start out by reading my article on How to sell nudes online

You Are Not Getting Subscribers On OnlyFans Because Of These 5 Mistakes

Let’s talk about why you’re not getting OnlyFans subscribers or not growing as fast as you want. These are going to be the five biggest mistakes that I see.

And these are not just beginner mistakes. Even very experienced creators who earn a decent amount of money, still make these mistakes. That means that they could earn even more than they are making right now.

Let’s jump into it.

1. Not Direct Enough

You have to be very specific about what you want people to do. And what I’m talking about is your Instagram bio.

I see plenty of girls out there who put inspirational quotes or Bible quotes or something that’s not specific to what you want that person to do.

The most simple thing you can do is tell people that you have exclusive content in the link below or they can come and chat with you there. So I would specifically say, come talk to me down here and I have an arrow pointing down to your link.

You’re not only selling your photos and videos of yourself, you’re also creating an experience for people.

The majority of men in this world, unfortunately, are extremely lonely. They want to be heard. They want to talk to somebody.

It’s a very lonely, isolated world, especially in the world that we’re living in today, where we live behind our screens.

And we are tucked away in our apartments.

So the real thing that you’re selling is not just those photos, it’s the conversation. It’s the connection with each of your subscribers.

So by saying up front that you can come to chat with me because chances are you’re probably not responding to them on Instagram, that’s going to give them an incentive to actually go and pay for this subscription.

And so let’s talk a little bit about the actual link itself.

What I see a lot of people do and they do this wrong, is they have a Linktree and they’ve got all these affiliate links and different links to their other social media platforms.

Just a bunch of junk up in there.

And the reason this is bad is because they’re distractions, right?

If someone comes to your Instagram, they follow you on Instagram, why are you gonna go send them to Twitter?

Why are you going to send them to TikTok?

You want to be sending them directly to your OnlyFans.

Now, I get that you want to build up your other profiles, but there’s a much better way to do that. OK? There are different things that you can include in your story, you know, here and there to boost that.

But your most prized possession is that link in your bio.

So keep it focused on your OnlyFans.

Obviously you can’t just go put your OnlyFans link in the Instagram bio, because then you might be at risk of getting your account banned. So what we do, at the agency with our models is we actually create a website redirect.

So it might be your name and last name, for example – yournamehere.com, right? Or anything related to you likes your nickname or something.

not enough onlyfans subscribers

Shoutout to Hannah Brooks!

And it redirects when people click on it. It can redirect them directly to OnlyFans page.

Or you’ve got a simple website with a preview, maybe an engaging trailer, and talk about the main benefits of subscribing to your OnlyFans.

2. Not Enough Content

If you’re a beginner and you just create your profile on OnlyFans, people can see how many photos you’ve posted, how many videos you post, and how many likes you’ve got.

And if you don’t have much content, then what are people really buying into?

Look at these 2 profiles and tell me, which of them you would choose.

not getting subscribers on onlyfans

Both of them are $10. For me, I would choose to subscribe to the one on the right, because it has 127 posts and 143 media.

Same price, but I get more content on the profile that is in the picture to the right.

If I was to go and look at buying a Netflix subscription and they’ve only got a couple of movies out there why should I even buy their subscription?

And how would I know that if I subscribe then you will start posting regularly? I don’t know that!

It doesn’t matter how much is your subscription, free, $6, $10, $100, doesn’t matter, people need to know what they are buying into. So I recommend, even if you have like 1 subscriber, you have 0 subscribers, doesn’t matter, go and post 20 photos and a handful of videos at the very start.

It’s OK that you don’t have subscribers, but get that library out there so then people can justify the purchase to subscribe to your OnlyFans.

3. Not Optimizing Your Profile & Background Picture

Mistake #3 on not getting subscribers on OnlyFans is not optimizing your profile picture and your banner image. This is like a movie teaser or a trailer, just the difference is that it’s not a video but pictures.

They cannot see your photos and videos. They can see that you have posts in your profile.

But they have no idea what they’re getting into. So visualize the profile picture and your banner image as a movie trailer.

This is more meant for those who do not find you through your social media like Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, or others but on some OF the directory sites or straight on OF page.

So you really want to hype up what they’re getting into.

This means that you’re showing off your best assets, what are you known for? That’s what you have to have in the profile picture. This is not time for you to put some cute picture that you’d have on your Instagram or your high school senior year photos.

no of subscribers

See how Jenna is doing, perfect profile picture where you can see how she looks and background banners show what she is all about – her beautiful butt. Shoutout to Jenna, here is her OF link – https://onlyfans.com/jenawolfy

This is what you want to do. You really want to position the best asset that you have. Big boobs, put them into the banner, big ass, but that ass of yours into the banner.

Now you understand what I mean.

And what I recommend doing is getting a professional photographer.

That’s gonna be a very good investment for you because ultimately the thing that you want to look for is you need to have good lighting! And you want to make sure that you are, like I said, focusing on the assets and you are up close enough.

Because if you’re on your phone and you’re looking at something and let’s say your profile picture, and you’re far away from the camera lens, they can’t really see, what you are and what you have! Very apparent, very upfront, and in your face and body.

4. Shitty OF BIO

Again, people don’t have a lot to go off of. Maybe they saw your Instagram, maybe they came from TikTok.

But this is a place to be very specific about the value that you’re going to provide. And what I see is that most girls either say way too much or they don’t say enough.

What really brands you? What makes you stand out? What’s the type of content that you offer?

OK, do you sell feet pics? Do you have fetishes? Whatever that thing is, tell people exactly what to expect and get excited about. And the other thing too, just as a general note is, although it is about you, try to think about the person that’s viewing it, try to think about speaking directly to them.

So for example, you could have the first line be, oh, you finally found me… I’m so excited to talk to you.
So as you can see, it’s very focused on them because I know these guys, if you’re positioning that, they’re gonna be able to see some exclusive content as if you’re like their girlfriend and then you’re going to talk to them.

This is filling some sort of a hole that they probably think about day in and day out, whether they realise or not, this is you filling that void for them. And that’s what they’re actually paying for.

And as I said previously, most of the money is not going to be made on subscriptions, OK?

It’s going to be made for custom content.

And so from there, you’re able to, have conversations, and sell custom content.

Here are 2 examples:

This description doesn’t say anything about her, just that she talks with you and has some content that you can’t see anywhere else. But what exactly does she have? You have no idea!

And here is an almost perfect description. You know exactly what you are getting if you subscribe to her. And can decide if that is for you or not:

And that’s where the big, the big bucks are made. And again, this is not a place to include an inspirational quote. It’s not a place to put a Bible quote. It’s not a place to say anything that’s irrelevant to the content.

This is not an Instagram bio. This is not some sort of senior year scrapbook, this is where you want to have a very strong detailed bio about what they’re going to receive, a four or five-dollar subscription, a $10 subscription, and a $15 subscription.

By the way, as you already know, I am running an OnlyFans agency, but what you didn’t know, probably, is that my agency offers FREE OF audits of your profile. We’re going to go through a lot of things that we talked about today specific to you breaking down where your weaknesses are and where your opportunities.

Why and how you can really maximize your efforts. So, as I said, that’s completely free. All you have to do is go reach out to us on Instagram, pop it up right here, shoot me a DM, and we’ll go from there, or just fill out the form that you can find here – https://ofagency.adultdynasty.com

5. Not Promoting Enough Or You’re Just Bad At It

And #5 is that you’re not promoting enough or you’re bad at promoting. It just really is not the situation where you create OF, content, post it and money will roll in. It’s just – people aren’t going to magically, appear out of the blue sky and then want to subscribe to your to your OnlyFans. It is a business. It is a place where you have to constantly put an energy.

And this is, in 99% of cases, the reason why girls think that OF is a scam and you can’t earn there. No, it’s you – you are the problem. You just don’t know what to do.

For you to get the output, yeah, there’s a lot of ways to do it.

I have listed a couple of things on Instagram that you should do to increase your subscribers on OF.

You can find my Instagram here.

But you can go on Reddit, you can go on Twitter, you can go and post on Instagram, you can go on TikTok, you can do shoutouts, you can do, you know, Tinder.

And so there’s a lot of different ways to promote.

Not every channel will drive results for you, you need to test a lot. Do tons of stuff to see what works and what is not.

It’s simple marketing A/B testing. Leave what works for you.

What I see in girls on every day basis is that they do everything but never enough of everything. They post on TikTok, then Twitter, then Reddit, then Instagram and somewhere else, but are not focused.

Start with couple of things, don’t do everything at the same time. Yes, I did tell you above that you need to test everything but NOT AT THE SAME TIME.

If you do everything, there is no point of that because you won’t have time for all social media, you will get overwhelmed. Because remember – you need to interact with your followers on every social media.

By the way – that is why girls just hire an agency that manages all that, so you can focus on content creation.
What I recommend that you need to start out with it TikTok.

It’s relatively hard to grow your Twitter, Instagram, and maybe Youtube channels.
But it’s not hard for you to go post a video on TikTok and have it potentially blow up overnight with a very little amount of followers. You’re ultimately driving people to Instagram and that’s where you’re going to be actually converting from there.

Extra Tip: Gold Mine – TikTok Live

But one more thing about TikTok is – we’re noticing that a lot of the girls are having extreme success by going live.

Going live on TikTok is possibly one of the best strategies that you could that you could possibly have.

And I’m on TikTok as well as a creator and I’m working with the the live department at Tiktok and what they tell me is they’re prioritizing lives. They have a whole branch set aside for live streaming.

That’s really the future. And So what they’re doing is they’re prioritizing it. So if someone goes live, what it does is this:

  • One, helps you obviously grow
  • Two, it actually allows you to push out your short-form content as well.

So if you’re not going live, you’re really missing out on on your reach for your other videos.

So I highly recommend you find a way to go live, even if it’s just 20 minutes, twice a week it’s going to help push your content out like crazy. So one of the best tips that I can mention here for Instagram, once you do pull people from TikTok or Twitter or Reddit, whatever to your Instagram to actually convert.

Engagement Is Important

Any platform relies on engagement, it’s how long people watch videos, how long you can hold them there, and then also getting people to interact with you.

Without engagement, you will not only be not getting subscribers on OnlyFans but 0 followers on any of your social media.

So anytime that you put Instagram post up, you should be asking for engagement. Post a question. Ask them something, something very simple that they can. It’s a one word response and that’s going to help boost your Instagram posts and your awareness.

So for example, you have a carousel and ask them which picture they like the most. It’s a very simple thing that you can do. Or you could say something like – “where are you from”, something very simple.

Like this example:

Where are you from? Let me know below.

And the main thing that you really want to focus on is your stories.

This is where you’re actually promoting your OnlyFans.

You can post polls and questions on your stories. For example, you post a picture with a new lingerie or something and then ask a question that they need to click on the variants you offer them.

“Hey guys, do you like my new swimsuit? ” and then they would click on your 2 options that you provided that would be YES or a NO. The next story you post with the same swimsuit, different position and put a call to action for them, like “To see more check my OF” or something like that.

You get the idea right? I hope you do.

Here are some examples:

You want to be careful about using the words OnlyFans, but use like “click below to talk to me” or “click below for exclusive content”

That will work so perfectly. YOU NEED TO ENGAGE WITH YOUR FOLLOWERS!

You can also something that is not related to your body and looks as I explained above, for example – say something like do you prefer basketball or football? Do you prefer blondes or brunettes?

Just something very simple, easy for them to think about. They can just click and boom, boom, boom and increase your engagement and then boom have the call to action.

Okay I think we have talked enough and I have told you enough about these things so you could check out what you are doing wrong or, maybe, not doing at all.

If you still not getting subscribers on OnlyFans, after avoiding these mistakes then you have to look at your content and your attitude towards your followers on social media. 


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