How To Sell Nudes Online?

how to sell nudes online

One of the most straightforward methods to make money as an online model or dancer is selling your nude photographs. In this post, we’ll go through everything you need to know about how to sell nudes online.

Sure, today’s trend is rather widespread, but it’s no less popular and—most importantly—profitable. 

As well, selling your nude photos is a business that doesn’t need much capital or startup money. All you’ll need is a functional camera and the confidence to show some skin for your fans to ogle.

Why You Should Learn How Sell Nudes Online?

Money is the most compelling reason to begin selling your nude pics online. Everyone in the world loves money, and everybody needs it. 

Here you can calculate how much, approx, you would be able to earn based on your social media followers. Taking into consideration that 9% of your followers would buy your membership. These are rough estimates. It can be much more and also even less.

Number of social media followers:

Monthly charge:


It’s terrible, but money is how the world works. Getting into this line of work may enable you to retire from your day job. Of course, you’ll either need to develop a fan base (if you don’t mind displaying your face.

There are a lot of dollars to be made by learning how to sell nudes online actually selling those pics and becoming an internet entertainer. You may make approximately $100 each day or more, which would at least get you up to $3,000 per month. Selling photos is a fantastic approach to generating quick cash.

Becoming A Cam Girl

There is another way to make money besides selling your nudes online. Becoming a cam girl. And here, the money can be way bigger than just selling your nudes. 

Cam girls are entertainers that have live shows over the internet. Cam girls usually don’t strip naked but do sometimes depending on their audience.

Camming is a great way to make money online because 1) It’s really fun 2) You can do it from your own home 3) There are no limits 4) You make up to $10,000 or more a WEEK!

Here are some cam girls sites: 

  1. Bongacams
  2. StripChat
  3. Bongamodels
  4. ModelCenter

Big Key Is Good Equipment!

If you want to sell your nude photographs on the internet, there are a few things you’ll need to think about more to make your pictures better.

Let’s check out some of the equipment that you should consider investing in more. 

You Phone’s Camera

Using your own phone for taking nudes is one of the most common equipment pieces in the industry. 

If you have an iPhone you can take pictures using it and upload them to photo-sharing sites that I will list later. 

You don’t even have to have a big knowledge of photo editing, some phones like iPhones and new Android phones offer a wide range of editing possibilities already + you can download some apps that can help you do that. 

Here are some of the apps that you can use to edit your photos if necessary: 

  1. Snapseed IOS & AndroidThe app is totally FREE;
  2. VSCO IOS & Android – It’s FREE, but there are also subscription for all the functions;
  3. TouchRetouch IOS & Android – Cost is $1.99, but it’s worth it if you want to use it to get rid of unwanted stuff on your pictures. Easier to use than photoshop and definitely cheaper. 

Professional Camera

If you’re serious about becoming a nude model, one day you’ll want to invest in a camera. It’s an exceptionally personal and subjective choice to select which camera model to purchase. 

The most significant consideration when it comes to choosing the proper camera is your financial situation.

Of Course, if you are rich and don’t care about anything, then you can already buy something cool right now and make professional pictures or – hire a professional photographer. 

To understand better what kind of camera you should choose, check out this article here

But bear in mind that using an expensive camera requires a certain degree of photography skill and knowledge in order to make the most of it. 


When you are taking pictures, especially nude photos or other objects that are very hard to take from different angles, it is important to have a tripod.

A tripod will help users take better photographs because it will reduce camera shake and allow for more control over your camera settings. It also gives users the option to attach any type of camera they wish to use.

If you are interested in buying a tripod, there are several types of tripods available. There are smaller versions that can be attached directly to the tripod port on your DSLR or if you own an SLR camera then there are bigger versions that come with their own legs.

What Type Of Nudes To Sell Online?

It is a question that nude artists always ask themselves: What type of nudes to sell online?

A lot of people think that just taking pictures of you flashing your boobs or spreading your legs in front of the camera will do the trick, but that’s not the case. There are certain details you need and must pay attention to if you want to stand out from among the thousands of other performers and models who are selling and learning how to sell nudes online. 

Type #1 – Selfies

These are the most common nudes. You can think of the nude selfies as the bread and butter of the whole industry. 

And no wonder it’s like that. As I have seen from my experience working with different models it doesn’t take anything from you. Just a phone, you naked and that is it. 

But to be different from others, personalize them, make them more erotic to some people, ask your followers what they like, offer them a personalized picture for a price. 

Type #2 – Photoshoots

This could be more for those who are more professional, but if you are up to it, why not, right? 

I have been a photographer for different OnlyFans models and at the same time marketing manager for them – this is what also works like a charm. 

Because this way you can vary your picture types and pose in different ways. If you are just taking selfies, you are limited to your angles. 

You know what I am saying, right? 

This works the best also if you and your fans are into cosplay or going for a boudoir theme. Your followers and fans will always look for something extra when it comes to buying nudes, because hey – why should they buy it if the internet is full of free nudes? 

That is why you have to think of something extra. 

Type #3 – Videos

Besides photos, this is probably the most popular way to sell your nudes. And in a video format, not just photos. 

Here you can manifest yourself fully. 

Create some sex tapes, create individual porn videos where you pleasure yourself, make even just some videos where you get naked. 

Sky’s the limit, well I would even say the universe is the limit. You can do anything there. That usually makes models very popular. 

Oh yes, and the personalized videos, like I mentioned with the pictures. 

If we compare what is bought more than its videos not just nude photos. 

I asked around 185 people who are subscribers to different platforms where models sell their content and 90% said that they are more interested in buying videos, not just nude photos. 

Here you can see the result of the pool: 

Nudes or sex tapes

I had an experience with a popular bikini model that was very upset that no one bought her photos where she is in her underwear for like $50-$100 just one picture where she is not even naked.. 

And I explained to her that no one on OnlyFans wants that and is not interested in non-naked performers. 

She got angry with me saying that she can show a screenshot where she makes 75k just by selling her bikini photos and thought that I am unprofessional in the industry and I don’t understand anything. 

Of course, I believe that she did earn 75k, but not on OnlyFans, on different places through agencies and stuff like that. OnlyFans has a different type of audience. 

They are not interested in bikini photos, not even if you are a crazy popular model. No one cares. 

It’s the same as If I would want to sell car parts in an art gallery. Would someone buy them? No, because that is a different audience. 

Best Places To Sell Nudes Online

Here are some of the best places to sell your nude photos and at the same time videos. 

OnlyFans – The Most Popular Platform


OnlyFans started out as a platform for artists and other kind performers to sell their art and collectibles online. Not for adult industry models. 

But nowadays OnlyFans has become the largest, and the most famous, website for premium adult content, especially if you‘re just starting out. 

It’s the best choice for beginners just because you can post as much content as you want, there is no limit to that. Other sites have some limits on what you post and how much you post.

That doesn’t mean that professional models and performers can’t use it. You can and it’s even suggested to use OnlyFans for everyone. 

How Does It Work?

When you register an account it mostly works as a subscription-based platform. 

A person pays a monthly, quarterly, or yearly fee and gets to see the content you post. 

But that’s not it. If you want to post some higher premium content, you can still ask for extra payment for your content. 

For example, a person comes to your profile and pays a $10 monthly fee for seeing your simple content on your profile. If he wants to see a full sex tape or anything like that, you post an intro of it and ask for it, let’s say $20 for a full video. 

There are tons of ways you can make money there. Even ask people to pay if they want to send you a private message.
As a marketing specialist I suggest you do the following: 

  • Offer free membership – do not charge people monthly
  • Don’t post yourself all the time naked on your FREE membership account, but keep underwear on you or blur out something on you
  • Once a week or twice a week post something completely naked to get people interested
  • And to earn money sell extra content on your profile like sex tapes, individual pleasure videos, nudes and so on
  • Allow people to send you private messages for free, interact with them and offer that you can create something personalised for them. Like their name on your boobs, make their fantasies true, dildo in your ass or something. You get the idea.

How to market your OnlyFans or any other profile where you sell nudes or sex videos, we will talk about in another article. 

OnlyFans takes only 20% of your earnings as a commission for you using their platform, and at first, that could seem a lot, but it’s not. 

Other sites take a lot more than you think!

All in all, OnlyFans stands out as the premier site to sell nudes—or adult content in general, for that matter—especially if you’re an amateur.


how to sell nudes online

This is similar to OnlyFans, where you can charge a subscription price and per-piece price. They let you charge your followers for both. 

But if you want to sell only nude photos then maybe this is not really for you, because most of the performers are selling here their videos not just nude photos.

One great thing about this is that you can go live with your fans and perform as you would be on live webcams. But the difference between webcams and ManyVids is that only your subscribers see you fully. 



People say that this is the #1 alternative to OnlyFans. But what’s different about PayChat? 

They are the first subscription-based fan platform that includes a private phone number for you to call and text your favorite model/performer. 

Maybe someone would think about this as “too creepy”, but I think it’s cool because models can interact closely with their best fans. 

And who knows, maybe even meet sometime. I know that this has happened before already, so this is not something extraordinary also. 

There are no hidden fees that may appear on other platforms, and what I think is great is that they offer a 48-hour payout to the performers. 

As I understand by going through the site, they also take 20% of your earnings, 80% you get paid.



This is another platform that has been around for a long time. Here also you can offer subscription-based payments. Fans will be able to send you private messages, access your explicit content like nudes and videos, and so on. 

One cool feature that FanCentro has is that they pay once per week. Not a lot of platforms do that. 

The difference between OnlyFans and PayChat is that you are left with 75% of your earnings, the rest goes to FanCentro. 

But this is a very popular site, they offer many useful things to get you started and even popular pornstars have only good thoughts to say about them. 



ModelHub is associated with Pornhub. You can sell your subscriptions, live streaming pay-per-view, and so on. 

This is a great platform if you want to become a popular pornstar because I have seen that many amateur porn creators have gone pro just because of this Pornhub platform. 

Here you are paid not only for having a subscription but also for video views, video downloads and they also allow you to sell custom videos and your merchandise through their site. 

Because their business is being owned and created by Pornhub and mostly everything happens there and it’s highly trafficked, they state that earnings potential is drastically higher than on other sites. 

That is the reason why they charge more than other sites and you get paid 65% from your earnings and 80% of the tips people leave for you. 

You get paid monthly once your earnings reach $100 or more. 


All the above-mentioned platforms are not the only ones out there on the internet, but these are just the most popular ones. 

You can go through all of them, see what best fits you, and choose what you need. This is onl y a small portion of how to sell nudes online.

Also maybe some platforms are not even supported.

See more articles here!


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