Mistakes You Make On OnlyFans That You Didn’t Know You Make

onlyfans mistakes

Are you a creator of OnlyFans, yet find it difficult to achieve the staggering earnings you always hear about? If so, there might be a few OnlyFans mistakes you’re unknowingly making that could be limiting your success. 

In an ever-expanding digital market where content is king, it’s crucial to position your profile correctly and learn from the missteps of others. 

Okay, let’s just stop the small talk and dive right into the mistakes, because if you are here, you already know what OnlyFans is and I don’t need to explain it to you. 

Doing Marketing Activities When You Have No Content On Your Profile

This is one of the biggest mistakes that models on OnlyFans make. Let’s say you just started your OF account. You put a subscription price of some kind but all you have there is 0-10 pictures. 

And you start doing marketing for your account. Instagram, Twitter, Reddit, everything. 

But you see that no one is subscribing to you. Even though your price is not high. Let’s say 5$. 

The reason for that is that you have no content. Why should someone subscribe to your profile if there is nothing. 

Here is a bac example: 

Regular price for her profile is more than $16 and she bareilly has something posted there.

And here is a good example: 

And look here, 8$ for 30 days plenty of pictures and videos to choose from. 

I think I don’t need to ask you which one of these profiles you will choose, right? 

So make sure you post pictures and videos, so that you have decent content on your profile before you even start any marketing activities. 

Sending Private Messages Without Preview

When I start to work with a new OF content creator, this is the problem that I see 99.99% of the time. 

And let me explain what I mean. 

So the problem I see is that models send content in private messages without a picture preview and without a description. 

Here is an example: 

And that’s a very big mistake. 

Like, you sell something for $66 and no one knows what is there. If you don’t want to show a preview, BUT YOU SHOULD, then at least write a description on what people are going to see there. 

And here is a perfect example on how you should send content in private messages: 

You can see here that she has not only a description, but also a couple seconds long preview on what you will see in the video she sent you. 

I mean… Now ask yourself which one would you buy? The one without a description and a preview or this one where you clearly see what you will get for that money? 

I think the second option is your answer, right? 

Ignoring OnlyFans Management Agencies

I know, I know, calm down, let me explain myself. 

OnlyFans is not a fast “get rich” strategy. It’s hard and you have to do a lot of things to be able to earn a decent money there. 

I have seen tons of girls posting on Instagram that OF is a scam that you cannot earn anything there and so on. But that’s the same as a full time job. And if you want your OF to be your sidegig, be ready for earning close to nothing, because you are not spending enough time on it. 

But here is the think and why I support the management agencies: 

  1. You don’t need to spend your own money on marketing
  2. You will reach faster results
  3. All you have to do is create content and forget about marketing activities
  4. You can go along with your everyday life, not plan your social media strategy or anything else that would take tons of your time

There is another thing that I see some models post on their Instagram that I think is so bad that they do and that is – screenshotting their conversations with management agency and telling them to fuck off. 

That you should not do but really consider them and listen to them. 

First listen, then check them out and see if that is not a scammer. 

And why? 

Let’s say you are earning on OnlyFans now like $1000-$4000 a month. Agency comes and offers you help. 

And you answer to them is: “I don’t want to share my earned money with anyone, fuck off” or something like that.

By the way that’s one of the most common answers – “I don’t want to share my earned money with someone”


You keep your $1000-$4000 earnings completely. 

An agency comes and scales your profile to let’s say $20 000 a month. And let’s say that we made a 50-50 deal. That means you earn 10k and the agency earns 10k + you keep the first $4000 that you earned yourself. 

So ask yourself – what money are you sharing? If it wasn’t for the agency, there would be no 10K for you.  Agency comes and spends hours and tons of money on you just so you could earn more. 

There have been cases where I scale a model’s account from $500 a month to close to $40 000 a month and she just disappears, thinking that their account now will generate $40k every month.. The next month she earned barely $500 again..

So yes, ignoring and not working with agencies is a big mistake. 

Ofcourse, if you want to try and scale your profile slowly then that’s not a problem. Just don’t be rude to agencies that can really help you. Say politely: “No thanks, I want to try and do this on my own”. 

Ignoring Your Fans

This is one of the biggest mistakes that you can make. This is also something that goes together with the previous mistake (Ignoring management agencies). 

Most of the models ignore comments and private messages from fans just because it takes tons of time to respond to everyone. 

That’s where an agency would come in and do it for you. 

But anyways, that’s where the big money is. 

To understand this mistake better we have to first understand why people subscribe to your profile or any creator profile on OnlyFans? 

It’s because 90% of the men are lonely. 

They want some interaction with a beautiful girl, and want to talk to someone. And they are ready to pay you for that. 

Tips and selling content in private messages are the goldmine. If you ignore private messages and custom content requests you are losing on a lot of money. 

Look at the statistics. Only one account has more money earned from subscriptions, others are tips and messages. That’s because the first account is not really chatting with fans. 

Imagine these accounts would ignore their fans and not chat with them at all or respond to comments. The only earnings would be the “Subscriptions” earnings.  

The last screenshot – losing out on extra 20k would be sad, wouldn’t it? 

And as I said – sitting and chatting takes a lot of time. So imagine if you have an agency doing that for you. Extra 20k in your pocket. 

Using FREE Subscription

As there are many accounts that earn good money with their free subscription accounts, the best way for new OF creators is to use paid subscription. 

Here is why. 

You will attract tons of broke ass people that will try to get everything for free. Or if they will ask for some pictures and will be ready to pay, they will want to pay just $10 for like 100 of your pictures. 

That’s just an example, but you get the idea right? 

It’s better to have a cheap subscription than completely free, because broke guys won’t even pay $3 for a 30 day subscription. That way you get rid of them begging for free content in your private messages. 

Here are some content creator opinion about FREE subscription accounts: 

And these are just 3 of hundreds of OF creators that say that it’s not worth it. 

So please, don’t make this mistake and waste your time on cheap people. 

Inconsistent Content Creation

If you decide that you want your OnlyFans account to be free then this mistake is not for you and you can skip it. 

But this is also one of the most common problems. 

Girls think that OnlyFans is the fastest way to getting rich. They post once a week or even less. 

Subscribers get angry, especially if your subscription is over $20 per month.  And then they just leave after the first month and never come back. 

You have to post regularly. 

If you cannot do it every day because of your work or studies or something else, you can always take one day and schedule the posts. 

There is a great post scheduler tool inside OnlyFans. 

So do this: 

  1. Create lots of content, pictures and videos
  2. Go to the scheduler tool and, for example, schedule that for the next week the tool posts 3 posts on your timeline. 
  3. The same for content that you send in your private messages

Let’s say, Sunday is the day you do all that and repeat that every Sunday, so that way you won’t have to worry about sitting down and think what to post during the day. 

All you will have to do is respond to messages and comments on the evenings. 

Having The Wrong Audience

This direct interaction is like a treasure trove of insights into what your audience craves.

Of course, the ultimate goal is to keep your audience happy. 

So here is an example of what I mean. 

You are a blonde and skinny girl with small boobs. Small waist, small ass, small everything. 

And you want to advertise yourself on Reddit. (Reddit has tons of places to advertise your OF page by the way)

But based on your looks, you would not want to advertise yourself in a subreddit where fat girls with dark hair advertise their OF. 

Why? Well, that is even weird to ask why, because you should already understand why – the people there will never be your subscriber because they are into fat girls with dark hair. 

Get the point now? 

So find your audience, advertise in the right places. Don’t waste your time where no one is interested in your content. 

This is a moment where management agencies do a good job, because mostly they already know and understand your audience based on the content you make. 

Stay in touch with your audience and actively seek their feedback. 

Remember, they signed up for a reason, so give them every reason to stick around by creating content that speaks to their desires.

Now, for those who are still getting to know their audience, there’s a nifty trick. Pay close attention to the likes, comments, and messages you receive from your subscribers. 

But keep in mind that some might throw out some wild requests. If something feels way beyond your comfort zone, don’t hesitate to say no.

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